American-born Noah Madison Longworth McGuire spent his early childhood living in southern Africa. Namely; Harare, Zimbabwe. Between being exposed to much African folk music and beginning to play the piano at age 9, he began to develop an affinity for music as well as an appreciation of the joining of music and culture. 

In 2006, Noah moved to Rome, Italy. Continuing in his classical piano studies, he began to teach himself how to play the guitar, inspired by an eclectic mix of rock artists such as Linkin Park, Metallica, and Dream Theater. With a constant desire to learn new instruments and techniques he proceeded to learn drums, bass guitar, vocals, banjo, ukulele, and harmonica. At the age of 13 In June of 2010 he formed his first major band; The Cuckooshrykes. With Stefano Obata on the guitar, Joe Mackenzie on the bass and alto sax and all three on vocals, The Cuckooshrykes began to write music, drawing multifarious influences from heavy metal, jazz, folk, blues, electronic, classical, indie, and punk music.

Noah continued to play in local bands around Rome, getting increasingly interested in Music Production as he learned to produce demos for some of his bands. He improved his skills as a guitar player and singer in pop punk band, Pure Mindless Vandalism and expanded his drumming experience in Italian prog rock group, Shifting Nero. In late 2013, Noah also entered into the world of pop writing and production with a series of singles written and recorded under the mantle of the Italian pop trip: The Fault Zone.

In 2014, McGuire was accepted to the Berklee College of music as a piano player with a piano rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing.” Berklee College of Music was the place that really galvanized Noah’s interest in production. It was also at Berklee that he was exposed to a myriad of new musical genres including Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Soul. All of these began to inform his production style as he tried to incorporate many diverse elements into a coherent musical system but it wasn’t until his collaboration with future room-mate and electronic design major, Nate Flaks, that this vision came to fruition in the form of Sleeping Lion.

Sleeping Lion is an indie electronic pop duo that expresses the culmination of a lot of Noah's production and songwriting experience. Over the summer of 2015, while Noah was visiting Rome, Sleeping Lion wrote a collection of songs remotely and then the duo reconvened in Quincy, Massachusetts to record live instruments and vocals for their debut EP, Patient creature. The EP is soon to be released and the already released singles have all individually garnered positive attention both inside and outside of Berklee. 

In addition to Sleeping Lion, McGuire has also done professional grade work for fellow Berklee students and other artists as well. Noah has worked on tracks for Luis Gamarra, Annika Wells, Zoe Fisher, Brendan Meyer, and Boston natives, Evolix (formerly Santoori). Noah is constantly looking to explore new projects and expand his style, his palate and his professional relationships.

In addition to music Noah Longworth McGuire is also an accomplished actor. He has played the lead in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, Sandy Wilson’s The Boyfriend as well as playing Juror 8 in a production Twelve Angry Men. His true shining stage moment, however, lies in his anguished, impassioned portrayal of murderous victorian barber, Sweeney Todd in Steven Sondheim’s seminal musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He even went to far as to dye and bleach his hair black and white in tribute to Johnny Depp’s interpretation of the role. In addition to this, he has provided music, lights, sound and much support to the English Theater company of Rome in productions of The Heidi Chronicles, The Great Gatsby and LovePlay.